ZDaemon 1.08.08


Online Multiplayer Doom! The ultimate first person shooter experience, based on the original doom. Play multiplayer against your friends online! Based on ZDoom, this port will allow you to hook up and play with other DOOM players the same way you do in any modern FPS. Create a ZDaemon account and keep track of your progress and watch as you slowly gain experience and levels the more you play. Up to sixteen players can join in an all out fragfest or four players working together to stay alive can revisit classic DOOM & DOOM II levels.

The ZDaemon software, as well as everything you need to become part of the ZDaemon community, is totally free. All you need is your own copy of DooM. We supply the rest. Just download ZDaemon 1.08.08 and run the included ZLauncher. You will see a long list of ZDaemon servers running all around the world. You can join any of them and let the fragging begin!

Last Updated:2009-12-16 00:00:00
File size:16.59MB
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